Rethink Employee Benefits Solutions – and unlock the power of data.

Our expert negotiators consistently outperform the marketplace, empowering our clients
to offer enhanced benefits to employees while containing costs. We help you successfully
navigate the myriad of state and federal laws, the multitude of carrier products and the
complexity of coverage contracts that can make the successful procurement of insurance
and benefits a challenging process.

Global partners with you to assess your corporate culture and design a benefits program to best meet the
needs of your organization and employees. In addition, our wellness programs are the perfect complement
to a well-designed, comprehensive employee benefits program.


  • Plan design and contribution consulting
  • Carrier analysis and selection
  • Annual benefits renewal and open enrollment administration
  • VIP claims advocacy/Employee Concierge
  • Employee and carrier communications
  • Wellness consulting and program management
  • COBRA administration
  • FSA/HSA administration
  • 401(k) Plan & Administration
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Billing reconciliation discrepancy support

Healthcare coverage …
it’s not one-size fits all anymore!

Benefits Management Technology:

Global’s technology consultants deliver a custom, web-enabled technology platform that streamlines the entire
benefit enrollment process. Our technology is a secure, rules-based system that completely eliminates errors that
typically occur from manual completion of paper forms and subsequent data entry into carrier sites, HRIS and payroll
systems. The Employee Self-Service functionality allows employees to perform benefits enrollment, and mid-year
changes without management intervention.


  • Customized online benefits enrollment, employee self-service portal
  • Integrated solution with payroll, carriers and COBRA third party administrator
  • Training for all employees and management
  • Ongoing support for system changes and enhancements

Our technology platform, Global Harbor , is secure, intuitive and completely user-friendly.

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connecting the right technology and solution – to support your daily HR needs..

Our comprehensive, technology delivered solution provides the perfect blend of high-touch customer
service and state-of-the-art technology – enabeling your organization to focus on what they do best.

We offer a comprehensive approach specific to your needs. It’s one that combines broad-based strategies that pay off over the long term with sensible, effective solutions that are easy and affordable today. We’ll design a custom plan for your corporate culture and goals, help you determine appropriate contribution levels, and provide the accessible analytics that ensure your vendors and programs continue to deliver the performance that keep employees – and your bottom line – healthy. And our proprietary, automated Global Harbor Management System makes it easy to manage all your benefits and wellbeing services.

We can help with:

  • New employee on-boarding process
  • Drug screening and background checks
  • Employee file management
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) tracking
  • Employee and carrier communications
  • FMLA Administration (where applicable)
  • Termination/Off-boarding
  • Training support for all contracted services

Recruitment & Placement Services

Consistently finding the right people is key to enabling innovation and growth within your organization. We believe
that you should be looking for the people that have the right skill set while also being aligned with your company
culture and purpose. Once we have an understanding of your recruitment needs and timeline we will partner with
your hiring managers to identify the best practices that work with your organization and deliver the most highly
qualified candidates.

Our technology platform, Global Harbor , is secure, intuitive and completely user-friendly.


Mitigate risks. hassle-free.

Our risk management solutions are tailored to the unique needs of your industry and your company. And we’ll manage it all so you don’t have to.

Global’s Comprehensive Suite of Insurance Solutions

Insurance: protect your assets

Our team of experts includes seasoned veterans with a deep knowledge of insurance underwriting and coverage. We’ll ensure that you’re up-to-date with your policies and coverage, as well as provide you with consultative services.

Risk Advisory: minimize the world of risk facing your business

Global’s unmatched expertise in risk management allows us to take on the role of your Chief Risk Management Officer. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business practices and identify all potential risks your company is facing. Whether it’s natural, catastrophic disaster risk of fire, wind, earthquake or international market turmoil or currency devaluation, our experienced Risk Advisory Team will develop Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans to minimize the effects and maximize the potential.

Alternative Funding: discover how even the “unconventional” can be conventional

Our alternative funding programs will help you control costs while procuring insurance for certain risks or hazards in the open market, the same way Fortune 1000 companies benefit from scale.

Claims Management: the best claims strategy is to avoid them altogether

With an experienced team of dedicated, Claims Management Representatives available 24/7/365, we ensure that each loss is addressed at its onset to prevent it from spiraling out of control. No claim goes unreported.

Loss Control: mitigate costs when claims arise

We implement a comprehensive risk management strategy – not just a temporary, one-time fix – to directly address the root cause of your claims. Our sophisticated Loss Control Program allows us to track all claims to prevent widespread causes of loss.

Our technology platform, Global Harbor , is secure, intuitive and completely user-friendly.


You know where you are today.
It’s tomorrow that’s the unknown.

Help relieve the uncertainty for you and all your employees with custom retirement plans, executive compensation programs, and advisory services.

It’s impossible to know what the future holds. But that doesn’t mean it has to be out of your control.

That’s where Global can help.

Global provides a full range of financial capabilities, relevant analytics and reporting, and fully auditable
process management. Ensure proper regulatory compliance, with unified process controls and security.
Global also helps you manage standard financial processes more efficiently while transforming financial
and management reporting with composite reports that offer the power and flexibility of a spreadsheet
but with enterprise-class control and performance on a custom, web-enabled technology platform.

Our technology platform, Global Harbor , is secure, intuitive and completely user-friendly.