Global Harbor

With Global harbor,
you can rest assured.

Today’s challenges come from every angle, and they don’t wait. That makes it hard. And because you’re not like anyone else, you have your own limited resources, sweet spots and blind spots.
That makes it even harder.

And that’s why we created the Global Harbor Management System SM – to make it all easier for middle market companies to work like the Fortune 500s.

Global Harbor is our proprietary, customizable, 24/7/365, secure online portal that lets your people do what they do best, without having to become experts at all the rest.

That means your HR people can focus on your employees, not wrestling with spreadsheets. Your employees can make informed, sensible health and wellness decisions without a medical – or in today’s world – accounting degree. The people who run your company can focus on making the smart business decisions you need – not wading through the fine print on a commercial insurance policy or employee retirement plan.

Need a report? Push a button. Looking for answers? You’re just a few clicks away. Paperless. Fast. Clean.
And Global Harbor offers a company-branded user experience that seamlessly integrates your processes and technology with your company’s look and feel. That means your employees will be secure in an online environment that’s familiar and comfortable.

With Global Harbor, possibilities are endless.

Here’s how some companies have been using it:

  • Put all employee information into an online system.
  • Eliminate printing, faxing, and redundant data entry.
  • Simplify changes like adding a child or changing an address.
  • Prevent employees from making mistakes when signing up for benefits.
  • Stop overpaying carriers utilizing Global Harbor’s reconciliation tools.
  • Help employees navigate the new world of consumer driven healthcare.
  • Gain timely access to valuable information.
  • Provide employees with total compensation statements.