I got to the point where I dreaded our annual insurance renewals. Trying to keep costs down, our broker had us moving from carrier to carrier. With every new carrier came new forms and more work for me. I had to spend endless hours checking to be sure the forms were filled out correctly and communicating enrollment to our new providers. Then we met Global Group about 4 years ago. They developed a strategy for keeping our costs down while staying with one carrier for several years. They also provided us with Global Harbor and it made my job a whole lot easier. Now I spend very little time on the administrative tasks associated with renewals and more time planning wellness programs for our employees.
Before we started working with Global Group in 1998, I was responsible for answering employee complaints related to insurance claims. I spent many frustrating hours on the phone with the insurance companies trying to resolve unpaid claims issues. Then, after Global took over, their VIP Claims Department relieved me of this headache. Their staff works directly with our employees, the insurance company and the doctor’s office in order to get answers and issues resolved quickly. I can’t imagine going back to the way it was.
Our 401(k) plan didn’t offer a whole lot of options and frankly wasn’t performing that well. Global Group did an analysis of our plan and discovered that we were paying too much in expenses and our investment choices were very limited when compared to others in our industry. Global helped us find a better solution at a lower price.